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Welcome to the digital portal of my on-line Internet existence.

My name is Dave Marksmen (aka Dinoraptor101), and I have many interests varying from music, writing to technology, medicine, psychology and politics, and much more to come.

I’m a donator to Wikileaks, Wikipedia, Solar Roadways, Anonymous, and many more organizations. that seek to better our world 🙂


This current section and mainly the website is still Under Construction.

meanwhile I seek to find both inspiration and the time to work on it

I invite you to enjoy to some of my early contributions during my teenage 14-18 here at my creative Yola (previously Synthasite) -based website http://dinoraptor101.yolasite.com

You can also enjoy my rare gallery here, my remote maintenance services, or sit back and relax enjoying my favourite Dinosaur series now extinct and unfortunately didn’t make it to become as famous.. James Gurney’s Dinotopia® at the “Watch” section


I love you all and thank you very much for checking my website 🙂 Please like my Facebook page for constant updates!