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About me spiel,

  • Dino = Stands for going primitive, essentially closer to nature, less scientific, more intuitive.
  • Raptor = Represents my fascination with raptor dinosaurs, I love the spirit of speed, teamwork, efficiency, and instinct.
  • 101 = The digital origin of my character, this represents my love for all things computer and my appreciation to people’s contribution to the technology.

Who am I? I’m a philanthropist, a medical researcher, musician, programmer, writer, inventor, and the list goes on.

I have touched everything I know I’m good at and yet one would ask… Why am I not famous?

When I asked myself that question, I came up with the following main answers.

  • I don’t want to be famous
  • I’m afraid of merging my online and real identity
  • I never spent too much effort or time into one or other field but rather explored my capabilities.

But I discovered that I do have one gift and that there is nothing in this world that I have seen that I could not have done.

And when I tried so many times to please my employers I often failed because their expectations of me are the same of a robot, clean this, test this, sell this, do this do that. All because they can’t do it themselves. And I do what they want me to all because I want their monies.

This is what it means when they say that “Money is the root of all evil” in one sentence; Money is the power to dictate the poor to do while the richer get richer by their deeds.


A few weeks ago, my brother showed me this aged man being all excited and loud condemning people for doing nothing. Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos inspiring high-school students and college kids caught my interest, I subscribed and I forgot about it.

And then a new video is released and it’s caught my attention, Gary is speaking again and this time he broke the 4th wall. Speaking on a video how he made me watch this video and how social networks are “distribution” channels to whatever he puts up; except instead of “whatever” he puts up the secrets of being successful in the modern life and not do what the rich people tell you to anymore.

But distribute what you do by means of direct reach through social media.

I heard this spiel over so many times and to me, I always said the secret is in having a content worth sharing, and now I’m thinking I have all that content and the ability to create anything. How do I even know what is valuable content or not if I have never exposed it to the world to evaluate it?

So this is what I’m going to try… I’m going to follow Gary’s advice because I’m done making other people profit at my back; I want to share the world what I have and have the world evaluate how valuable is my product.

I’m an aspiring fiction and non-fiction writer, philosopher, medical researcher, software engineer, and musician. A believer, promoter, and contributor of Internet neutrality, government transparency and true democracy.

I often donate to great projects  Wikileaks, Wikipedia, Solar Roadways, and encourage you to do the same, help better the innovation and bring a better future where you no longer need politicians to run you and your family’s life.

I gather rare quotes and life rules for a hobby 🙂 if you do the same please tweet to me!

Religion: I have found my own religious foundation, still learning and concluding from the generous sum of humankind experience.


With Love,